Police Lieutenant Colonel Gritar from the Child and Women’s Protection Unit Region 2, conducted an undercover operation at the Porntip Resort in Na-Jomtien to arrest a suspected agent who was known to supply underage girls for sex. Khun Pornpen aged 41 was the first to be arrested and had brought a 15 year old girl to officers who were posing as customers and after questioning, she revealed that a second person was involved and he was subsequently arrested at the Hill Peacock Resort in Sattahip. Khun Pachara aged 30 was arrested and took Police to a room at the Resort where two underage girls were waiting. Both confirmed they worked for Khun Pachara and would engage in sexual activities with customers in exchange for money. Both male and female suspects were taken into custody as was 3 underage workers who were questioned in relation to the case.

Full marks to the police for pursuing this one, let's hope that if the accused are guilty, they get put away for a long long time. Let's also hope that the young victims also receive the help they fully deserve. All too often the procurers of underage sex in Thailand get all the publicity (quite rightly), & the providers seemingly melt away into the background.