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Bangkok Shooting Range 0

Bangkok Shooting Ranges

Bangkok Shooting Ranges. A shooting range isn’t typically on the list of ‘things to do and see’ while in Bangkok. But for tourists looking for a different kind of experience, Bangkok has a number...

Hard Rock Cafe, Bangkok 0

Hard Rock Cafe, Bangkok

Hard Rock Cafe, Siam Square, Bangkok. The Hard Rock Cafe, Bangkok is located in Siam Square Soi 11. This is another branch of the world-renowned, iconic Hard Rock restaurant chain. Guests can enjoy authentic...

Bowling in Bangkok 0

Bowling in Bangkok

Bowling in Bangkok. A very popular form of entertainment in Bangkok is bowling. Bangkok has some world-class bowling alleys. Loaded with all the mod-cons, great bowling lanes, air-conditioning, surround sound music, equipment rental facilities,...

Muay Thai, Bangkok 0

Muay Thai, Bangkok

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) in Bangkok. The Thais are by nature a gentle people so it comes as bit of a surprise that their national sport is beating the hell out of each other....