A Bangkok Visitor Guide

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A Bangkok Visitor Guide

If you find yourself in Bangkok with only several days in which to enjoy this great city, take a look at a few places worth seeing, a couple of temples worth visiting or one or two parks in which you can take some respite from the midday heat. You may decide to take a look around the biggest market, Chatuchak or just enjoy some rest and relaxation in a local park.

As soon as you leave the cool air conditioning of Bangkok’s only International airport, with the difficultly pronounced name of ‘Suvarnabhumi’, you will immediately encounter a hot and humid climate, the bright sun, the whole bouquet of aromas, the noise of cars and the rumble of an unfamiliar language. For many people, traveling throughout Southeast Asia, this place is familiar for connecting flights and short layovers, but it deserves closer acquaintance and attention, as well as Analisa Massage.

You should perhaps take a trip along one of the many river channels, stroll through the city at night, try some local food, visit the biggest market in South-East Asia or simply feel the spirit of the city, which leaves no one unimpressed.

Bangkok deserves to be called the city of contrasts. Here the slums are adjacent to the chic shopping malls and business centers. Everything is buried in lush green vegetation and there are so many beautiful temples to see and visit.

Pay special attention to the place where you are going to stay in Bangkok. You are advised stay in a hotel which is as close to the city center as possible and near the SkyTrain (BTS) metro system. It crosses the whole city through the center and is the fastest, most convenient and safest way to travel around Bangkok.

Where to eat in Bangkok

Bangkok is undoubtedly a city of street food, and almost everything should be experienced. For many tourists, who come here for the first time, it’s hard to perceive the whole range of flavors, which fill every corner of the city. Thais often add coconut milk to dishes and it gives a rather sharp smell. The choice is great, so, everyone can find something to they like. Just have a look at the many stands with chopped fresh Thai fruit! Well, what could be more delicious!

Lovers of restaurant food will not go hungry. Do not miss a chance to eat in the “Sky Bar and Breeze” or “Long Table” restaurants. The admirers of healthy food and vegetarians should visit “Whole Earth” and the vegetarian restaurant “Govinda Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria”!

In this city, everyone can find what they desire. For your convenience, you can use the very useful portal “Orange Smile”.

Buddhist Temples in Bangkok

Bangkok is located in the most amazing kingdom. It has a large number of stunning temples and sights, where you can touch the history of this fairy-tale country.

The brightest cultural places include:

• The complex of the Royal Palace. Bangkok started its history as the capital with the Royal Palace in 1782.

• The Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Inside the Emerald Temple is the famous Emerald Buddha, a statue of 66 cm high, carved from solid jadeite in the 15th century. Several times a year, the priests of the temple change the garment of the statue under the leadership of the monarch.

• The Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) is the largest temple in Bangkok. Here there is an amazing 46-meter statue of the reclining Buddha.

• The Temple of the Morning Dawn (Wat Arun) is located opposite the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. The river flows between them. The temple can be reached by boat. This is the oldest sight to be seen, which had been created long before Bangkok became the capital.

Do not forget about the religious significance of these places and that you should have a certain dress code should you want to visit them. In addition, you should determine the days and times when the temples are open for free visits by tourists.

Attractions in Bangkok

In the evenings, an amazing flower fair takes place in the city, where you can find almost any variety of flower. Thais read too much into this because every day they present fresh flowers to their revered figures.

You should at least once take a ride along the main Chao Phraya river and its channels, where local traders arrange floating markets selling traditional goods.

Chatuchak Market is simply impossible to describe in words, you really need to visit it. This market covers an area of 141,640 square meters, where you can see nearly 15,000 different vendor outlets. You can find absolutely everything there! And, of course, do not forget to bargain hard to get a great deal.

No doubt, you can set aside a whole day for the trip to this market, but you should prepare yourself mentally and physically for a large number of people and many different items for sale including live animals. Somewhere between endless tents and shops, you can find cute little corners with long-awaited seats and tables where you can try a cup of wonderful coffee, enchanting with its aroma and no less delicious sweetness.

In the vicinity of the market, there is a park with the same name, Chatuchak, where it’s so nice to sit after a tiring shopping trip and just spend time in the shadow of some magical trees.

Another park, which is worth mentioning, is Lumpini Park. There is a lake in the center of the park. Here people go in for sports, kids play on children’s playgrounds, monitor lizards calmly walk around the park and swim in water, and all this is buried in greenery, flowers and huge trees. Getting there, you are translated to another world and completely moving away from the fussing of the big city.

If you want to get to know Bangkok better and catch its vibe, you should walk as much as possible in order to embrace the spirit of the city, which, it seems, never sleeps. The journey around this interesting city in the company of a beloved one will be remembered for a lifetime.

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