Nanapong Dance Contest, Club Electric Blue, Patpong, Bangkok – Sept 2014

Nanapong Dance Contest Club Electric Blue Patpong Bangkok
Nanapong Dance Contest Club Electric Blue Patpong Bangkok

Nanapong Dance Contest, Club Electric Blue, Patpong, Bangkok – Sept 2014

redchevronThe origins of Nanapong hark back to the first wave of Thailand discussion forums. Nanapong was born when some users broke away from the now defunct NanaPlaza forum, creating their own forum which was about friendship, a place where like-minded friends could have fun, fool around and just be themselves without anyone telling them how to behave.

redchevronThere was Nanapong the forum, and Nanapong the group of friends, the latter made up of a core group of perhaps several guys who loved the nightlife. In some ways it was like a party club, with Nanapong forum members meeting up at The Living Room at the front of Clinton Plaza, the starting point for what would often turn out be a long (and hard) night out.

redchevronFor the ‘Pong boys, crazy just wasn’t enough. These guys were at times wild, doing stuff like bar crawls along Soi Cowboy, and soi 33, where every bar would be visited and at least one drink had. Often they would leave a bar and almost every employee was starkers. Even on soi 33. Reports of their wild antics appeared on the Nanapong forum when they sobered up…which could be days later!

redchevronOne of the tenets of Nanapong was that they would party hard, but be respectful of the girls. They did some really crazy stuff, but at the same time were always generous with the girls and they were very welcome wherever they went.

redchevronWhat would later become known as the first dance contest took place at Rififi in Patpong, the bar that is Club Electric Blue today.

redchevronAlong the way the format was tweaked but the basic concept remained the same. Groups of girls from different bars danced off against each other over a couple of rounds. Guest judges would score each girl and the final round would see girls dance off to 3 songs to find a winner. Keen to secure the prizes, the dancing became more and more outrageous.

redchevronWord spread and the dance contests quickly grew in popularity. Bars were packed as punters piled in to bars as soon as the doors opened, keen to secure a prime seat.

redchevronThe dance contest concept was taken to Pattaya and a number of contests featured dance-offs between girls from Pattaya and Bangkok. People didn’t think dance contest, they simply thought Nanapong!

redchevronThe core bars where contests were held were Dollhouse in Soi Cowboy and Rififi in Patpong. Bar owners saw how successful the events were and were keen to invite the Pongers and be the host venue. Dance contests would be held in Pink Panther in Patpong, Rock Hard in Clinton Plaza, Suzie Wong’s and Rawhide in Soi Cowboy and Hollywood Rocks and Cascade in Nana Plaza.

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